Lavish ‘Surf’ Trip’s For The Ladies

Luxury resorts that guarantee alone time for any surfers spouse!

If you’re a woman who can put their board on rail at the same skill level as your partner, then this article isn’t for you. The women we are speaking to, are the ones whose idea of luxury travel is rising to a massage, solitary breakfast in a garden and filling their day by the pool. The sort of holiday where you can drift off into the sanctuary of your own experiences, something you’ve overlooked the past few years. Not that's inherently bad. You’re in love and often those in love omit to take time out for themselves. But you’ve come to the realisation that you crave a trip with your partner, one that conveniently leaves you ample time to sleep in. Holidaying alone isn’t much fun, but having someone to brag to over a 5-star dinner, after a day focused on you and your indulges, is.

Wave Collective’s handpicked a few of our grandest luxury resorts. Your surfer will return at the end of the day exhausted and ready to brag about the wave of his life, one which you booked for him.

After many trips abroad to the world’s most luxury resorts we are of the opinion that the Como Uma Canggu, Indonesia and the Anantara Uluwatu, Indonesia are your ideal destinations for this style of trip. Firstly because the resorts themselves exert the type of lavishness you associate with travel and secondly there are enough options in regards to waves to keep him occupied.

Como Uma Canggu Best Surf Resort Bali

The Como Uma Canggu is situated a short 45-minute drive North-West of Denpasar and has situated itself in the epicentre of the islands best waves. On arrival, we will have a Como Uma representative pick you up and shoot you off to the retreat. The Como offers a wide range of packages for couples and families, from your generic rooms to ones with private pools or even penthouses for those who want to indulge in a little more extravagance. Regardless of the room you decide, one thing we do recommend is heading down to the Beach Club and eating by the pool. The produce is locally grown and embellishes the traditional surf shack aura. It's sophisticated but subtle, this ensures you’ll never feel out of place.

As far as waves for your partner goes, on offer is the Echo Beach River Mouth a high-performance right-hander that breaks on the northern end of Echo Beach. Sand Bar, which has a variety of A-frames that line the beach between the left-hand point and the rights of the river mouth. Echo Beach Lefts, the point break with a steep barrelling take off that runs into a long tearable wall. And Batu Bolong or Old Mans, which is on the southern edge of the Canggu stretch and is favoured by the long-boarding crowd. Regardless of his surfing ability, or yours, there are ample waves to keep those included preoccupied.

Anantara Uluwatu Best Surf Resort Bali

Further south on the island is Anantara Uluwatu, a clifftop resort located in the land of lovely lefts. World class waves cling to this coastline and unless your partner recently started surfing he will undeniably know the likes of Ulu’s, Padang Padang, Impossibles and Bingin. If he’s the keen type of surfer we hope for and has yet to venture to this area, he will be exceedingly thrilled to test his ability on these clear water walls.

Anantara rooms are magical. they clinging to the cliff and have with a direct line of sight to Impossibles. This Indonesian paradise like the aforementioned resort offers a variety of accommodation ranging from classy to what we would deem the ultimate sophisticated experience. And is only a 20-minutes drive from the international airport. Once again, we will have a representative there to greet you and pick up your luggage.  

Wave Collective know this is the type of trip you both dream of, but rarely talk about. We promise there will be no objection to you booking a surf trip and enjoying the other experiences Anantara or Como has on offer. Trust us when we say that every surfer dreams that his partner would send him off to surf all day, sometimes we are just too proud to admit it. But after a trip like this, he’s in your debt. You made sure he had the waves of his life. Maybe, he will finally do that painting you’ve been asking for…