One of the better kept secrets...

Niyama Private Islands


Niyama truely is Nature's Playground, offering something for the whole family. Situated in the Central Maldivian Atolls (Dhaalu Atoll to be exact), Niyama is surrounded by its very own selection of perfect, uncrowded waves. Far enough away from the hustle of the infamous capital to make it feel like you're on an adventure but not too far to turn it into a mission. A very convenient 50min sea plane flight if we're talking numbers. 

If you haven't already heard the hype, Niyama is the only Ultimate Luxury Resort in the Maldives with its very own grinding left-hander. Did we mention its exclusive to Niyama guests? So if you're picking up what i'm putting down, you've already jumped to the conclusion that the fear of waking up to a crowded line up is a thing of the past. Now if lefts aren't your thing and you prefer a more conventional right, no need to worry. A 5-15 min boat trip in either direction and you'll be greeted by two very different right handers, suited to surfers of every level.

The great thing about the location of Niyama and the Central Maldivian Atolls is that it picks up swell all year round. During the months of November, December, January and February the swell tends to be smaller but the conditions are flawless. Majority of the bigger swells hit during the months of June, July and August.

Now let’s delve into the specifics.

Vodi is the name of the left hand point break that peels off the southern tip of the ‘Play’ island. This wave works best when the wind is from a North to Easterly direction. Or with just a light breeze this left hander becomes perfect. It picks up even more swell than the surrounding spots as it is perfectly exposed to South-Westerly swell. The wave is faster and more challenging, yet makeable for the intermediate to advanced surfer. When the swell is small the waves are still really fun and cater well to longboards and funboards as well as beginner surfers.

The best part of all - you can reach this wave from land by simply walking to the point and paddling out - and upon request we'll do our best to get you a Beach Studio as close to the spot as possible.

Niyama Luxury Surf Resort Perfect Wave

Kasabu or better known as Mauroof by the local boys is the main spot to be surfed in Northwesterly wind directions. It works best in westerly to northwesterly winds or with no wind at all. Mauroof is located on the opposite side of the channel from Niyama's Play island, approximately 10 minutes away by boat. The reef is perfectly shaped and offers world class right hand waves suited for all levels.

Beginners can surf down towards the lagoon in the North where the waves fade out and are more user friendly but still really enjoyable. In medium sized swells, Intermediate and Advanced surfers can enjoy the corner where the wave wraps around the point offering long, rippable walls.

Niyama Luxury Surf Resort Maldives Uncrowded

Hocus Pocus or Screaming kids is a challenging but rewarding right hander that barrels over a shallow reef. This place only works when everywhere else is maxing out. It is a hidden gem for those days when its too big at Mauroof and Vodi. This spot is located 15 minutes from the resort and when its on, its on!

Niyama Luxury Surf Resort Maldives Hocus Pocus

So after a day full of surf, where do you rest your head? At Niyama you have the choice of beach villas or water villas. Our personal preference, a beach villa numbered 125 - 139 as they are a short walk from the point. Perfect for that early morning surf check. If you're looking for complete privacy and a Maldivian postcard experience, throw yourself into a water villa. They are incredible. Bicycles are provided to all guests at Niyama so at any time you are never more than 5 minutes away from the point for a quick surf check.

Last but not least and most important for some, dining. Niyama's unique dining experiences are unlike anything we have previously experienced. The selection varies from authentic Afro-Latin vibes at Tribal to Asian infused delicacies while dining in the treetops at Nest. The attention to detail will impress the harshest critics. In addition to our two favourites (mentioned above), you can nibble on a lunch time seafood platter 6m below sea level at Sub Six, fine dine over the water at Edge or head on over to Blu or Epicure for the delicious lunch and dinner selections rotating on a daily basis.