Top 5 Best Resort Restaurants in Bali

Bali--  Famous for her breathtaking views, surf resorts, unique dining and for being home to some of the most luxurious vacation spots in the world-- is on many people’s list of places to explore, whether it be for a   honeymoon, luxury travel or to spend time surfing in one of the best surfing spots in the world.

If you are planning a luxury vacation to Bali, you are certainly aware of all that this magical place has to offer. In the excitement of new adventure, it can be easy to overlook some of the most important aspects of the trip.

After a long day of surfing the famous turquoise waves or of indulgence at a luxury spa, you are going to find that nothing sounds better than an incredible meal. Unfortunately, finding the best restaurants in Bali can seem daunting at best, and when you are ravenous from a day of play, the question of what to eat can definitely cause unnecessary stress.

We have taken care of the difficulty. This compilation features a list of the best restaurants in Bali that are certain to please every palate and mood.

  1. 360 Rooftop @ Anantara Uluwatu

360 Rooftop Restaurant Anantara Uluwatu

If breathtaking views and diverse, mouth watering dishes are your thing, 360 Rooftop was made for you. The menu offers a wide selection-- from western comfort foods like pasta and burgers to exotic Indonesian fare. There is something here for everyone. No need to argue about what you want to eat. Just show up, eat up and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the Anantara Uluwatu surf resort.

Open for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

2. Splash @ Anantara Uluwatu

Anantara Uluwatu Splash Dining

Global flavours and cliffside dining will have you completely captivated. indulge in Asian-Mediterranean masterpieces at one of the best luxury surfing resorts in the world! With delightfully innovative luncheon options or exquisite dinner choices, you are sure to end your day of surfing or relaxing in a magnificent way.

Open for: Lunch, Dinner

3. Ombak @ Nihi Sumba

Ombak Dining Nihi Sumba

Looking for a casual, oceanfront atmosphere? You will love Ombak, which offers organic produce from the Nihi Sumba resort’s very own gardens, tasty local flavors and freshly-caught seafood. Their offering of spectacular weekend barbeques and an incredible attention to the simplest of detail makes this a dining experience you will not want to pass up!

Open for: Breakfast, Dinner

4. COMO Beach Club @ Como Uma Canggu

Como Uma Beach Club Dining

A  distinct, modern take on the traditional surf shack in an upscale, yet laid back setting. COMO offers global dishes, poolside seating, live musicians and original DJ sets. You will find this vibey, sophisticated atmosphere is perfectly complemented by panoramic views of the sky and sea.

Open for: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

5. Sono Teppanyaki @ Anantara Uluwatu

Sono Anantara Uluwatu Dining

If you are looking for something outside of the Balinese norm, Sono Teppanyaki is a wonderful option. Offering a modern take on traditional Japanese fare, you will find yourself transported and entertained by the skilful preparation of their delectable menu, right in front of you!

Open: Dinner

We hope this list is helpful as you plan your trip to Bali, Indonesia. Travellers are drawn to this beautiful place for many reasons-- from her world-famous surfing to her luxurious resorts. Yet, no matter what brings us to Bali, one thing brings us together: good food! Cheers to your adventure! May it be a tasty one!

Melia Darger