We’re Hosting Josh Kerr & Damien Fahrenfort in Nicaragua

Want advice on your backhand barrel riding? Then this is the trip for you!

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As surfers we rarely take advice from others we're scratching in the line up with. Though we really should. It’s our pride that generally gets in the way. We all want to prove our worth. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Put simply, we want others around us to know that we’re going to take the next bomb and instead of blowing it, blow some tail!

The problem with mid-session surf advice is it generally comes from some old guy hugging the shoulder. He’s past his peak. But what if you could gain knowledge from those that push you deeper and call you into something you thought was beyond your natural born ability?

Well, we've tailored an experience that might interest you. We want you to up your performance in the best waves possible. We’re talking Nicaragua.

We'll be hosting Josh Kerr & Damien Fahrenfort along Nicaragua's Emerald Coast this August 8th to 14th and allowing you the opportunity to join them. These gents experiences and ability on rail speak for themselves.

After an intense day of surfing, put your feet up in luxury at Malibu Popoyo, our 5-Star environmentally friendly resort and this trips destination. We could tell you this escape aims to revitalize your mind, body and soul - real Zen stuff.  But in reality, it’s about your performance on the rail and in the tube.  Leave the relaxing to your spouse; their trip will be substantially cheaper than yours.  Complimentary if we’re talking specifics

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We know some of you might be asking why you need a surf tutorial? Allow us to simply explain. All surfers tend to exaggerate their abilities, the worlds best do it and so do you. Adrenaline gets the better of us. You want your next claim to be justified and with the help of these two, it will be.

A little more about your Instructors - Josh Kerr is a professional surfer and straight up adrenalin junkie. The former World Number Eight and Tweed Heads legend will sit in the line-up with you, pushing you as deep as you can handle. He’s always been known for scratching into tunnels that seem un-makable and coming out dry. This trip will be no exception.

Credit: Brent Bielmann

Credit: Brent Bielmann

South Africans Damien Fahrenfort is no stranger to coaching and is a book of industry knowledge, he’s spent his career bridging the gap between surf journalists and the Pros. He’ll be your man to ask about positioning and the right moment to take your foot off the break.

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To assist in the experience, we’ll be filming the entirety of the trip. Which means plenty of Instagram content to take home and show your mates. We’re sure they’ll be jealous!


For the nitty-gritty details and booking options, please contact Zach@wavecollective.co



Jacob Boyd-Skinner