Top 3 Best Luxury Surf Resorts in the Maldives

You spun the globe, landed on the Maldives and now you’re overwhelmed by the enormous  array of resorts? Don’t worry, we get that all the time and that’s why we’re here.

In order to help, we filtered through the clutter and compiled a list of our top 3 Best Luxury Surf Resorts in the Maldives. Feel free to indulge…

Niyama Private Islands

Niyama is a special place and a resort we keep close to our hearts. This slice of paradise is unique for a number of reasons but our favourite is the fact it has its own world class, grinding left hander that reels off the tip of the island. Not to mention the wave is exclusive to guests of the resort. Perfect waves and no crowds… yip you heard correctly

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Getting There

On arrival at Velana (Malé) International Airport you will be greeted by a team of Niyama's friendly resort staff. They will escort you to your private chauffeured car, which will whisk you off to Niyama's very own airport lounge at the Seaplane terminal.

You will then board your 45-minute seaplane flight where you are guaranteed to be mesmerised by the spectacular views en route to Niyama.



This wave works best when the wind blows from a north to easterly direction. Or, with just a light breeze, this left-hander becomes perfect. It usually picks up even more swell than Kasabu, as it is perfectly exposed to south-westerly swell. The wave is faster and more challenging, yet makable for the intermediate to advanced surfer. Even when the swell is small the waves are still fun and cater well for longboards and fun-boards, as well as beginner surfers.

The best part of all is that it’s exclusive to Niyama guests. Plus, you can reach this wave from land by simply walking to the point and paddling out. Upon request we'll do our best to get you a beach villa as close to this spot as possible.

Mauroof / Kasabu

This is the main spot to be surfed in a North-westerly wind. It works best in westerly- to north- westerly wind, or with no wind at all. Mauroof aka Kasabu is located on the opposite side of the channel from Niyama's Play Island, approximately 10 minutes away by boat. The reef is perfectly shaped and offers world-class right-hand waves suitable for all levels.

Beginners can surf down towards the lagoon in the north, where the waves fade out and are more user-friendly but still enjoyable. In medium-sized swells, intermediate and advanced surfers can enjoy the corner where the wave wraps around the point – offering long, rippable walls.

Hocus Pocus / Screaming Kids

This is a challenging, but rewarding, right-hander where you can get the barrel of your life when it’s on. This place only works when everywhere else is maxing out. It is a hidden gem for those days when it’s too big at Mauroof and Vodi.


At Niyama you have the choice of beach villas or water villas. Our personal preference is a beach villa numbered 125 to 139, as they are a short walk from the point. Perfect for that early morning surf- check! If you're looking for complete privacy and a Maldivian postcard experience, book yourself into a water villa. They are incredible! Bicycles are provided for all guests, so at any time you are never more than five minutes away from the point for a quick surf check.


At Niyama you are truely spoilt for choice when it comes to dining. Guests have the choice of 9 completely different outlets to choose from. Whether it be a cultural experience, dining among the blazing fires at Tribal or a more romantic night out watching the sunset over the water at Edge. Niyama has ticked all the boxes and you can be sure to leave satisfied.


Ayada Maldives is a luxury surf resort located in the Southern Atolls, surrounded by some of the best waves in the Maldives. Blue Bowls, Love Charms and Tiger Stripes are all within a five to 15-minute boat trip from the resort. The large variety of uncrowded waves ensures there is always an option to suit your preference and skill level.

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Getting There

You will be greeted by friendly Ayada staff on arrival at the airport and escorted to the VIP lounge. This is followed by a 55-minute scenic flight over beautiful atolls to KDM domestic airport, the closest airport to Ayada. You will then be met by another representative, who will take care of your luggage and escort you to the harbour to board the 50-minute Ayada boat trip to the resort.


Tiger Stripes

To the east is a narrow inlet between the islands of Gan and Gadhdhoo, where the first local surfers are starting to ride the lefts and reforms at Tiger Stripes. Antiques are the rights, which are always a couple of feet smaller and a lot more forgiving than the lefts.

Named after the narrow gouges in the reef that give a striped effect, Tigers has some real growling lefts in a strong swell. There are tricky take offs into a long speed wall before you commit to an inside tube section that wraps and peters out in the channel. Unimpressive when small, it always seems to be bigger than everywhere else. Tigers works on all tides, all variations of S swells and any N wind.


Antiques are the rights which break opposite to Tiger Stripes. Here it is always a couple of feet smaller and a lot more forgiving than the lefts across the channel.

Love Charms

Directly next door to Two Ways are the reliable lefts of Love Charms, which can handle E winds and any sized swell. Low tide is best, when it is small, soft and broken into two distinct sections. Bigger swells morph it into a long, hollow wall, with powerful pockets.

Two Ways

Two Ways does as its name suggests. The right is generally better, but it needs a big swell to hit its protected position, making it a favourite with intermediates. You can expect fun, peeling, long walls with a bit of depth to the water.

Five Islands

Five Islands is another right-hander that breaks hard and hollow on the shallow inside reef. The outside section encourages deep take offs into racy walls and handles the biggest swells at all tides.


Less intense is Castaways, which is exposed on an outside reef. It is predictable, but shallow, on the end section, especially at low tide. Anything N is offshore, and the deserted island backdrop is idyllic. Both Beacons and Castaways are flanked by No Names lefts, across the channels, which have their days in big swells but tend to go unridden.


Ayada Maldives offers nine different types of accommodation – all with private pools and designed in authentic Maldivian style. Thatch-roofed water villas line the peaceful lagoons, while the beach villas offer ultimate privacy along the palm-filled shorelines.


Ayada Maldives offers unparalleled dining experiences, with a selection of seven authentic gastronomic experiences to choose from. From over-water dining at Ocean Breeze to teppanyaki at 'Mizu', Ayada offers a variety of cuisines and restaurants to cater for every dining preference.


SIx Senses Laamu

Six Senses Laamu is an ultimate luxury resort located in the central Maldivian atolls, Laamu to be exact. It is the only resort situated in this atoll therefore the feeling of exclusivity is a given. The resort is surrounded by a wide selection of world class waves all within a 5 - 60 minute boat trip away. Due to the remote nature of the resorts location, 'crowd factor' is a consideration of the past. Enjoy empty line-ups all day

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Getting There

Upon arrival at Malé (MLE) International Airport you will transfer to the Six Senses airport lounge, just a two-minute stroll away. You will then board a 35-minute flight, giving you a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Maldives archipelago. You will be met by your butler who will accompany you on the 15-minute speedboat ride to the resort.


Six Senses is surrounded by a wide selection of world class waves catering to surfers of all skill levels. These waves include Yin Yangs, Six Senses Banks, Six Senses Lefts, Six Senses Right and Gadhoo.


Six Senses Laamu offers the choice of 12 different villa options, ensuring the resort caters perfectly to your accommodation preferences.


Six Senses Maldives has a wide variety of dining options and bars. Guests have the choice of 6 spectacular restaurants to choose from. Anything from fresh seafood platters at Zen to sunset cocktails at Chill Bar. The attention to detail at each venue will blow your mind. Six Senses Laamu truly has thought of it all, there is something for everyone. Expectations being exceeded are a regular occurrence.

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